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GMS Athletic Contacts

Please contact the head coach for information regarding a particular sport.  Email links are provided.



Athletic Director:     Bryce Massey


Football:                   Bryce Massey


Softball:                    Kim Elsey

                                  Holly Fox (B-Team)


Tennis:                     Karen Boyd


Basketball:              Sue Graham (Girls)

                                 Matt Hebbard (Boys)


Cheerleading:         Shana Munro


Baseball:                 Bryce Massey (A & B)


Track:                      Evelyn Newton


Soccer:                   Stephen Inman



High School JV:


Cross Country:       Thomas Munro


Wrestling:                Steve Aaronson


Lacrosse:                Creswell Curtis



For additional information or questions please contact the school office at (706) 650-6080.