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Study Tips

Study Tips

Use the tips that help you best!

▪ Use a Planner every day
▪ Look at the speaker
▪ Participate in class discussions
▪ 45 minutes of homework/study Mon-Thurs
▪ Divide large study assignments into smaller, more manageable tasks


▪ Study in a place without distractions
▪ Flash Cards
▪ Read/recite information out loud
▪ Rewrite information you want to remember
▪ Use Colored highlighters
▪ Make timelines for historical events
▪ Create musical jingles / use mnemonic devices


▪ Take breaks/Give yourself rewards
▪ Move around (take a walk while using flashcards)
▪ Discuss what you’re learning with parents
▪ Study with a group or a friend
▪ Ask for help
▪ Math takes practice
▪ Attempt all work – Zeros really hurt
▪ Make homework folder/section in a notebook